Media Assets

If jQuery or jQuery.ui are not already loaded on the page, then these will be loaded from CDN:

If you want to prevent this and load your own then set:


Customizing the style sheet

By default css/ajax_select.css is included by the Widget’s media. This specifies a simple basic style.

If you would prefer not to have css/ajax_select.css loaded at all then you can implement your own yourapp/static/ajax_select/css/ajax_select.css and put your app before ajax_select in INSTALLED_APPS.

Your version will take precedence and Django will serve your css/ajax_select.css

The markup is simple and you can just add more css to override unwanted styles.

The trashcan icon comes from the jQueryUI theme by the css classes:

"ui-icon ui-icon-trash"

The following css declaration:

.results_on_deck .ui-icon.ui-icon-trash { }

would be “stronger” than jQuery’s style declaration and thus you could make trash look less trashy.

The loading indicator is in ajax_select/static/ajax_select/images/loading-indicator.gif

yourapp/static/ajax_select/images/loading-indicator.gif would override that.